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  • Jun
    LED driver IC technology market analysis for backlight and lighting

    LED is widely recognized as a clean and green light source. LED has long service life, energy saving, simple and convenient application, and low cost, so it is hand-held in mobile phones, MP3s, MP4s, PMPs, DSCs (digital cameras), PDAs, GPS, PNDs, game consoles, learning machines, and laptops. The pr

  • May
    Shenhua profit rises to 5-year high as China curbs boost coal

    China Shenhua Energy Co., the country’s biggest coal miner, said profit jumped to the highest level since 2012 as robust demand and government efforts to rein in overcapacity helped bolster prices.Net income climbed to 47.8 billion yuan ($7.6 billion) from 24.9 billion yuan a year ago, the Beijing-b

  • Apr
    How to buy LED miner's lamp products

    At present, the LED miner's lamp is a mixed bag, and the LED indicator lamp is recommended as the technical indicator:1 IntroductionKL-type LED cold light source safe miner's lamp is based on lithium iron phosphate battery pack as power supply, positive and auxiliary double LED as cold light source,

  • Apr
    Chile’s recent coal phase-out decision claims first victims

    Chile is pushing power companies to phase out coal plants following a government announcement earlier this year that the country wouldn’t build coal-fired power plants unless they were equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS).The decision, part of a wider national plan to transition to cleaner

  • Apr
    Lámpara de minería LED con qué tipo de ventaja?

    Las luces LED para minería en nuestras vidas son muy raras, porque se usan principalmente en la industria, en muchos casos, podemos verla en la industria o en el uso de minas de carbón. Entonces, para las ventajas de la lámpara de minería LED, ¿sabemos cuánto? Hoy Xiaobian para contarnos sobre las v

  • Mar
    Global thermal coal market to grow 5% in 2018

    GOA, India, Feb 13 (Reuters) – The global thermal coal market will grow by about 48 million tonnes this year, 5 percent more than last year, the chief coal analyst at Noble Resources said on Tuesday, adding that imports to India will rise after falling in the last two years."Current seaborne volumes

  • Mar
    KLW, KJW type methane alarm miner's lamp

    Methane alarm miner's lamp designed and developed by Future Tech LTD , Appliance includes two series of KLW lithium-ion methane alarm miner's lamp and KJW-type nickel-hydrogen-methane methane alarm miner's lamp. It integrates the gas detection alarm device and the miner's lamp and adopts advanced e

  • Mar
    China will crack down on illegal coal mining in 2018: safety watchdog

    China will carry out “special action” in 2018 to crack down on illegal coal mining to ensure safe mine operations and reduce output capacity, the State Administration of Work Safety said in a statement on Monday.Coal mines that fail to meet safety measures or operational standards will be ordered to

  • Mar
    The use and maintenance about Miner's lamp

    First, the use of products, methods of operation1 normal use methodPress the lamp switch, turn on or off the LED main, auxiliary light source. Under special circumstances, the optional LED auxiliary light source,This light source current can extend the lighting time.2 charging method2.1 This product

  • Feb
    The Development Process of Miner's lamp

    There is a bright place, there is human civilization. Tens of thousands of years ago, mankind already knew to use natural fire to keep warm, barbecue and lighting. More than three thousand years ago, humans began to use simple lamps to carry fire and candles and write a history of civilization. From

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