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The Discussion about Development of Miner's lamp on the Future

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Abstract: Miner's lamp is an essential portable lighting fixture for coal mine workers. It is one of the explosion-proof electrical products used most in underground coal mines. In the past ten years, China

Miner's lamp product technology has achieved rapid development, making miner's lamp in the maintenance-free, product weight, reliability, etc. have been greatly improved. However, with the development of technology and the need of coal mine safety production, the transition of explosion-proof special type miner's lamp to intrinsically safe miner's lamp and the development of miner's lamp with single lighting function to multi-functional miner's lamp will become overwhelming.


Keywords: Intrinsically Safe Miner's lamp: Multifunctional Miner's lamp; Intrinsically Safe


All in all, from the perspective of explosion-proof security, most of the existing miner's lamp anti-

Explosion type is usually "mining special type", compared to other types of explosion-proof, such as "Ben

With the development of miner's lamp technology and the need of safety application, the emergence and promotion of intrinsically safe miner's lamp will surely be By the National Bureau, Ann standard national authorities and other authoritative departments of widespread concern and promotion.


 Similarly, multi-functional miner's lamp (including information miner's lamp) is the next step of the intrinsically safe miner's lamp

The development direction, it refers to set identification card, self-help device, call communication and other multi-functional

As one of the intrinsically safe miner's lamp, as a coal mine workers carry a single

Bing equipment, is bound to reduce the miners under their own load when the weight. Believe in technology

Mature and the conditions for the use of adequate conditions, such functional miner's lamp should be vigorously promoted and applied.

1 intrinsically safe miner's lamp appearance and development prospects

China is the world's first lithium-ion battery, sealed nickel-metal hydride batteries,

L ED light source used in miner's lamp countries, 7 years earlier than similar foreign products left

right. LE D light source and sealed maintenance-free battery applications, so that the structure of the miner's lamp

And performance has undergone great changes, completely avoided due to incandescent light bulbs made of high temperature

Into the hot ignition and lead-acid battery itself limits the possibility of spark ignition,

For the intrinsically safe miner's lamp and other new mines laid the foundation.


From the original explosion-proof special-type miner's lamp into an intrinsically safe miner's lamp, it

From a limited energy point of view, the battery lamp or the circuit may be stored

Energy The energy generated by the device is limited to a minimum of ignition energy to ensure that at

Normal operation and any sparks or any heat generated under the specified fault conditions

Effect will not ignite the explosive gas environment. The key is intrinsically safe battery components

Designed to intrinsically safe by encapsulating the battery with intrinsically safe protective devices

Battery components to reliably ensure that the output voltage and current are limited to one allowable

In the range. In 2013-2014, a large number of enterprises in our country started to develop intrinsically safe miner's lamps and started the transition from special type of explosion-proof mines to intrinsically safe miner's lamps in our country.

And effectively get the National Bureau and Ann standard national center vigorously promote, I believe in the next few years intrinsically safe miner's lamp will completely replace the mine special type of mine

light .

2 multi-functional miner's lamp appearance and development prospects

Miner's lamp use as a miner's lamp, due to its lithium-ion battery capacity,

Long standby advantages, for the realization of multi-functional miner's lamp provides a guarantee to mine

Light as a carrier, the positioning technology, wireless communications technology, environmental testing technology shift

Planting in miner's lamps allows the development of multi-purpose mines with lighting and other functions

light .


In 2014, a few enterprises in our country developed multifunctional miner's lamp (information

Miner's lamp), the basic function of these products is lighting and personnel positioning and information management

Li, very few products also realized the information received storage, emergency calls, voice

Call, photo capture, gas detection wireless upload, voice alarm and other functions. This

By integrating with existing systems, these functions can greatly reduce system equipment

The amount of use, such as walkie-talkies, mining mobile phones, personnel identification card, gas detector to

And cameras. I believe that with the emergence of multi-functional miner's lamp and the gradual promotion and application of multi-functional miner's lamp as an intrinsically safe type is bound to cause another technological revolution in miner's lamp industry.


3 Conclusion

With the continuous development of coal mine safety process improvement, intrinsically safe multi-function

Miner's lamp open both in the miner's lamp industry in terms of mine safety and technological progress

A new milestone, I believe in the near future, miner's lamp will become a coal mine

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