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Lithium miner's lamp

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Lithium miner's lamp is the use of lithium-ion battery for the miner's lamp, miner's lamp main lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride battery box lithium-ion batteries, lithium because of its small size, light weight, large capacity and other advantages are currently being widely used. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide and lithium iron phosphate according to different materials of the positive electrode of the battery. Due to their poor safety, lithium cobalt oxide batteries are forbidden to be used on the miner's lamp. At present, the lithium manganate batteries are widely used .


1. The shell is made of engineering plastics and bullet-proof glass as a whole, all closed structure, can work in a variety of harsh environments.

2. Power with high safety lithium-ion battery, non-polluting, large storage capacity, no memory, no need to replace the battery fluid, is a completely maintenance-free products.

3. Light source using LED cold light source, energy-saving more than 70%, no need to replace the light bulb, does not produce sparks, the complete eradication of mine accidents caused by mine accidents.

4. Miner'slamp equipped with a dedicated charger, without reprovisioning charging equipment and maintenance workers, charging only one sixth of the traditional cost.

5. This product has over voltage, over current, over discharge automatic protection, safety explosion.

6. Small size, the overall structure of light weight (only 100-150g), unfettered, the load is 1/15 of the traditional miner's lamp, greatly reducing the labor intensity of miners and improve labor productivity.

Method of operation

1, charging method

1) This product is installed within the lamp head charging management circuit, charging converter can be used to support the regulator charging rack. Charging frame should be consistent with MT68-2002 "miner's lamp charging frame" standard.

2) When charging, first turn off the miner's lamp, turn on the miner's lamp charging cap, reveal the DC jack, insert the charging jack of the charger into the DC jack, and insert the other end of the charger into the 220V AC power. Normal charge, the charger indicator light is red, when the battery is sufficient, the indicator turns green, automatically stop charging. Normal charging time of about 6-8 hours.

2, pre-cycle charging

Miner'slamp factory for the charge, the factory has been charged to about 40% of capacity, the new purchase of miner's lamp can not be used directly, should be discharged. After discharge, and then charge the charging stand, the time is not less than 7 hours, fully charged in the lamp room to do lighting time inspection.

3, charging matters needing attention

1) should turn off the light source when charging;

2) The use of other charging methods should be approved by the production company, or may not match the charge, resulting in product damage.

4, the normal method of use

1) When in use, press the power switch on the lamp cap to turn on the main and auxiliary light sources and turn off the light sources respectively.

2) The use of miner's lamp can be lit for more than 11 hours; if it exceeds the scheduled working hours, please switch to the auxiliary light in time to maintain a longer lighting time.

3) miner's lamp has over-discharge control circuit, under normal conditions of use, the battery will not cause over discharge. However, when the battery discharge to the termination voltage 2.75V, over-discharge control circuit starts, turn off the light source. The use of personnel must be used in accordance with the requirements, in the miner's lamp goes out before the well, to ensure safety.

The main purpose

This product can be used in a variety of underground mining operations, tunneling operations, marine operations, maintenance operations, outdoor sports, hunting night fishing, expedition exploration, soldiers and equipment and other places of portable lighting



1. Miner'slamp should be used in underground wells to cover the charging hole to prevent dust or water into the charging hole, the charging hole is blocked or corroded can lead to miner's lamp can not be charged and scrapped.

2. Must be charged according to the instructions in the manual, using other methods must be approved by the company.

3. Miner'slamp should pay attention to maintenance during use, protect the lamp face glass can maintain the best lighting effects, cleaning can not put the miner's lamp into the water, use a damp cloth to scrub.

4. In the course of the use of long-term over discharge, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

5. Charging room temperature should be in the range of 0 ~ 35 ℃, if not in this range, the battery may heat, will affect the battery performance and shorten the battery life.

6. Miner'slamp should be used within the battery life cycle, to the end of life should be mandatory scrapping.

7. Do not use light to direct the eyes of others, to avoid downhole visual acuity.

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