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KLW, KJW type methane alarm miner's lamp

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Methane alarm miner's lamp designed and developed by Future Tech LTD ,  Appliance includes two series of KLW lithium-ion methane alarm miner's lamp and KJW-type nickel-hydrogen-methane methane alarm miner's lamp. It integrates the gas detection alarm device and the miner's lamp and adopts advanced energy-saving LED light source. The lighting and methane over-limit warning functions are mainly used by people working in places where there is a danger of methane explosion in coal mines. The miner's lamp is beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, large in capacity, long in lighting time, high in illumination intensity, strong in penetration, easy to use, maintenance-free, long in life, and free of pollution. Among them, KLW-type methane alarm miner's lamp is included in Shandong Coal mine safety advanced production technology and equipment promotion catalogue.

The methane alarm miner has the following features:

1. Strong illumination: Adopting advanced and energy-saving LED light source, the illumination of the lighting start and lighting 11h is basically kept unchanged and can reach 2000LX or more. 2. Easy to use: miner's lamp has the characteristics of small size, light weight, etc., easy to carry around. 3. Long life: Miner's lamp uses large-capacity lithium battery packs and nickel-metal hydride battery packs as power supply, life expectancy is 2-3 times that of ordinary lead-acid battery miner's lamp. 4. Methane over limit alarm: When the light is turned on, the methane detection circuit also begins to enter the monitoring state. When the gas exceeds the limit, the alarm miner's lamp immediately emits a flash alarm signal (light flashing), indicating that the user evacuates the site; when the gas concentration exceeds the limit, the alarm automatically cancels the alarm state when the gas concentration drops to normal. 5. Alarm point calibration: The company is equipped with a dedicated remote control and methane alarm calibration device to calibrate the alarm point. The operation is simple and effective. 6. It is convenient to charge: The lamp head is designed with a charging device, which is matched with the charging frame, and the charging is convenient and reliable. 7. Protection function: This type of miner's lamp is equipped with over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, and short-circuit protection. When a short-circuit occurs, the current can be cut off within 16ms. It is safe and reliable, which ensures the safety in essence. 8. Green environmental protection: The new material lithium-ion battery and nickel-metal hydride battery pack are used. It is a green and environmental-friendly new miner's lamp with no leakage, no pollution, and no maintenance.

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