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Interpretation of "miner's lamp use management practices"

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The State Administration of Work Safety (SAIC) announced the AQ1111-2014 "Mineral Light Use Management Model" with No. 7 Notice No. 2014, and came into effect on June 1, 2014. Miner'slamp is the abbreviation of mine helmet lights used by coal miners. It is a lighting tool that coal miners carry down with, so it is called "eyes" of coal miners. Miner'slamp is a special type of explosion-proof products, mining operations are essential underground lighting, the safety of its direct impact on the safety of coal production. In recent years, due to the emergence of new technologies and the improvement of manufacturing level, miner's lamp product type and quality greatly improved, due to miner's lamp design and manufacture and quality caused by a significant reduction in the accident. However, due to miner's lamp and charging equipment does not match, the charging method is not standardized, miner's lamp does not follow the standard maintenance, underground illegal demolition, improper use and maintenance, and overdue use caused by frequent failures, the safety of coal production risks. At the same time as miners on the use of miner's lamp, illegal use of miner's lamp caused by coal mine gas explosion, to the country and people's lives and property caused great losses.

Therefore, the promulgation of "Miner's Lamp Use Management Standard" standard, clear and guide the use of miner's lamp maintenance and other aspects of management requirements, improve the design and manufacture of miner's lamp and the use of management links for coal mine safety production is of great significance.


The scope of application

AQ1111-2014 "Miner's Lamp Use Management Standard" standard applies to coal mine enterprises on the use of miner's lamp, maintenance and management, the main use of the object is the coal mine enterprises. This standard stipulates the requirements of miner's lamp, charge management, use and maintenance, technical information, scrap and recycling, etc., for the coal mine enterprises in the standard use of mineral lights on the request.


Features and important content

China's "coal mine safety regulations" in the provisions of the use of part of the miner's lamp, but the content is relatively simple, only the configuration of coal miner's lamp, miner's lamp room requirements made. AQ1111-2014 "Miner's Lamp Use Management Standard" has refined the contents of the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and added the requirements for miner's lamp, ie the use and maintenance of miner's lamp, the contents of scrap and recycling.

General requirements

The important content of this chapter is to specify the mine miner's lamp products must be in line with the relevant standards of qualified products. The requirements are mainly for the coal mining enterprises to understand the miner's lamp and key parts should have the requirements of coal mining enterprises in the miner's mine into the mine after the relevant technical information (such as factory reports, certificates, instructions, etc.) to check whether Meet the relevant requirements.

2. Charge management.

The important content of this chapter is the miner's lamp management, miner's lamp room, configure the electrolyte, charging rack, coal mine room information management system and other aspects of the provisions. Miner's lamp management which is mainly on the centralized management of miner's lamp, the mine on the miner's lamp configuration and shift to pay miners and so made the provisions. The configuration of the electrolyte mainly for the lead-acid battery miner's sulfuric acid preparation steps, safety matters are provided. Charging rack is mainly on the miner's lamp charge in the use of charging rack quality, efficiency and so made the request. The coal mine room information management system is the use of coal mine miner's information management requirements.

3. Miner's lamp use and maintenance.

The important content of this chapter is to use the environmental conditions of miner's lamp, the new miner's lamp put into use before the inspection, use, regular inspection, maintenance and repair and other aspects of the provisions, especially in the use, maintenance and maintenance, the miners used in the underground Many of the important provisions of the strict, to eliminate the safety hazards of Miner'slamp play a significant role. In terms of maintenance, for coal mining enterprises to replace parts, resulting in decline in the quality of miner's lamp, etc. also made the specification, provides the circuit board, shell, LED light source, battery and other key components damage, should be miner's lamp production unit maintenance. In the regular inspection also on the miner's products to do the provisions of the periodic inspection.

4. Scrap and recover.

The important content of this chapter involves the scrapping and recycling of miner's lamp. Due to the excessive use of coal miner's lamp, or part of the coal mining enterprises in order to save the use of cost, resulting in the use of miner's lamp does not meet national standards, the coal mine caused great risks. For the first time, the concept of scrapping and recycling is put forward in the standards and management regulations of miner's lamp. Taking into account the mineral lamp battery life and other parts of the aging and other factors, in particular, more than 90% of the existing miner's lamp for the lithium battery power, according to the characteristics of lithium battery power, especially lithium battery between the positive and negative diaphragm will be used for too long Aging, easy to cause its internal positive and negative short circuit, there is lithium battery fire and other security risks. In order to ensure safe use, the standard stipulates that the miner's lamp is used for 18 months or the charge-and-discharge point [U2] has reached 500 times and should be scrapped. For the recycling regulations, due to the battery, especially the lithium battery, was arbitrarily discarded or improper storage, will cause the fire explosion, resulting in electrolyte pollution and other adverse effects of the environment, so this specification provides scrap slag lamp should be miner's lamp production units and professional Institutions for recycling.


Need to pay attention to the problem

AQ1111-2014 "miner's lamp use management standard" standard for the mandatory standards, including miner's lamp management, miner's lamp room, configuration of electrolyte, charging rack, use, regular inspection, maintenance and repair, scrap and recycling terms for the mandatory terms, according to national safety The supervisory authority stipulates that the specification shall come into force on June 1, 2014, and the coal mining enterprises shall use, maintain and manage the miner's lamp according to the Mineral Lamp Management Regulations. For the provisions of the specification involved in maintenance, mandatory retirement, recycling provisions, in addition to the coal mine itself according to the implementation of the specification, the relevant coal mine safety supervision agencies should also miners in the use of coal mines, maintenance, forced retirement, recycling, etc. to ensure that Standard implementation, to ensure the safety of coal mines and miners of personal safety.



AQ1111-2014 "miner's lamp use management" of the introduction of the main two aspects of the important significance:

First, the first time on the miner's products made use of management requirements. Through the standard of miner's lamp design, manufacture, use, management of the whole industry chain norms, so that production enterprises, the use of units, the regulatory unit to form a common standard basis. On the link can not meet the standard can be found in order to ensure product performance, to ensure that the use of the product does not appear security risks.

Second, the use of units to supervise miner's lamp product design, manufacturing provides a standard basis; manufacturing enterprises have to use the user to determine the use of standards, to prevent illegal use has been provided, the product of the expiration of the replacement, , So that the design function of the product can be better play, and to prevent the use of the potential may cause hidden risks; safety monitoring with the basis for monitoring, whether it is used or manufacturing, whether the use of miner's lamp management procedures, can be clearly evaluated and checked , Put an end to the responsibility is not clear law enforcement and other issues, the safety supervision department of miner's lamp in the standard use of coal mines to reduce the mine caused by coal mine safety accident management will be law.

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