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How to buy LED miner's lamp products

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At present, the LED miner's lamp is a mixed bag, and the LED indicator lamp is recommended as the technical indicator:

1 Introduction

KL-type LED cold light source safe miner's lamp is based on lithium iron phosphate battery pack as power supply, positive and auxiliary double LED as cold light source, equipped with reliable protection circuit and charge control circuit is light and humanized miner's helmet Light high-tech products. This product is highly safe, long life, small size, light weight, waterproof performance, maintenance-free, easy to use and many other advantages, is the result of an innovative KL type miner's lamp in the field of miner's lamp, ended due to Misuse of the miner's lamp, damage, etc., caused the history of unsafe sparks to burst, which will play a significant role in promoting the safety and development of the mining industry.

2, security design

In the design process, the KL-type LED cold light safe miner's lamp always adheres to the principle of "quality first, safety first", conducts thorough and meticulous research and improvement on all unsafe factors, and fundamentally guarantees that the product is in the high gas mine. Use of security.

1LED cold light source

The use of high-quality LED cold light sources from internationally renowned companies as the lighting source of the miner's lamp; the maximum temperature of the LED during operation is only 60°C (when the lamp of the old miner's lamp is working, the filament temperature is between 2000°C-2500°C). It not only improves the photoelectric conversion efficiency and service life, but also fundamentally solves any gas explosion caused by high temperature downhole.

2 high reliability protection circuit

In order to prevent the occurrence of short-circuit ignition during use, the KL4LM(A) miner's lamp is internally provided with a protection control circuit that shuts off the power supply in a very short period of time to prevent spark generation; after the short-circuit fault is removed, the protection circuit can continue to be used. .

◇ Adopt integrated circuit module design to reduce discrete components to ensure extremely short protection operation time. The operation time of the short-circuit protection circuit of the KL type miner's lamp is less than 5ms, which is far less than the 15ms required by the new national standard;

◇ The PTC short-circuit protection resistor is added to each cell, and a short circuit between the two parallel cells will also cut off the power supply, greatly improving the reliability and safety of the product.

All the protection circuit adopts the SMT patch welding technology, which avoids the problems of welding and missing welding caused by manual welding, and improves the reliability of the product.

◇ In the production process of the product, we conduct strict functional tests on each protective circuit board to ensure that each lamp used by the user is safe.

3Safety clearances and creepage distances

KL type miner's lamp in the design process, in strict accordance with the requirements of GB7957-2003, the circuit connection according to the requirements of GB3836.3-2000, the electrical clearance and creepage distance between the internal metal conductive parts is controlled at 1.6mm or more; Creepage distance of printed circuit board is above 0.5mm, and insulating protective paint is sprayed on all printed circuit boards at the same time. This fundamentally guarantees that there will be no short-circuit failure inside the miner's lamp.

4 high strength structural design

The structural design of the KL miner's lamp fully meets the requirements for the product strength test in GB7957-2003.

First, the lamp glass and the battery box have a high impact resistance capability. The lamp glass is impacted from a height of 0.3 m with a 1 kg steel ball, and the battery box is impacted from a height of 0.7 m without any cracks or damage.

In addition, the fully assembled miner's lamp is also very high in strength. The base of the lamp is dropped from a height of 2m to the concrete floor in any position. The battery box drops from 1m height to the concrete floor in any position, and the miner's lamp has no damage.

5 anti-static design

The plastic shell of KL type miner's lamp (including lamp cap shell and battery box) all adopts anti-static design. When the plastic shell is processed, a certain proportion of conductive material is added to prevent sparks from accumulating a large amount of static electricity during use, thus ensuring the safety of use. Sex.

6 flammability design

KL-type miner's external leaking parts are designed for flame retardancy according to the FV2 level specified in GB3836.1-2000, and the mine cable is also made of MA-approved flame-retardant products.

3, long life design

The service life of the KL miner's lamp far exceeds that of the old miner's lamp and other similar products. Users can use it safely for 3 years. This long service life is due to the use of long-life lithium battery packs as power supplies, dedicated charge and discharge protection circuits, and advanced technologies that can continuously operate 25,000 hours of LEDs as light sources.

1 Adopting high-quality LED light sources from internationally renowned large companies, this light source has a 10% light decay at 12,500 hours, and its light attenuation is very slow. At the same time, it can provide high luminous flux output, and the performance is much better than that of LED lights from general manufacturers.

2 While using a high-quality light source, the use conditions of the light source are optimized; under the premise of ensuring illumination, the working current of the light source is reduced, and a high-efficiency large-area heat-dissipating system is used to minimize the operating temperature of the light source and make the light source use Longer life;

3 The use of brand-name battery manufacturers to produce high-quality lithium batteries, under normal conditions of use, the number of charge and discharge cycles can reach more than 1000 times, and the general manufacturer of lithium manganese batteries charge and discharge cycles only 200-300 times .

4 using high-precision charge control circuit and overcharge, over discharge protection circuit to ensure the battery life;

The normal voltage range of the lithium-ion battery during use is between 3.0V and 4.2V. If the voltage exceeds this range, it will have a great influence on the service life of the battery. Therefore, overcharge and overdischarge must be prevented.

◇ The over-discharge protection circuit of general manufacturers shuts off the power supply when the battery voltage drops to about 2.5V. The new national standard specifies that the power supply be turned off at 2.75V, and the protection circuit designed by our company can reduce the battery voltage to 3.0V. Turn off the power immediately, effectively preventing the battery from overdischarging;

◇ The overcharge protection circuit of the general manufacturer turns off the charging current when the battery voltage is higher than 4.25V or even 4.3V. The overcharge protection circuit designed by our company will turn off the charging current when the battery voltage is higher than 4.2V to prevent Battery overcharging caused by continued charging;

◇ High-precision charge control circuit is used to realize the dynamic control of the entire charging process. The integrated circuit design has high precision and short response time. It can fully automatically implement pre-charging, constant-current charging, constant-voltage charging, and supplementary charging modes. The switch, in full accordance with the standard charging rules of lithium batteries, to effectively increase the battery life;

5 Use a small current to charge and discharge. The charging current is between 0.65A-08.A and the discharge current is about 0.3A. A small charge and discharge current can greatly extend the battery life.

4, dual light source

The KL miner's lamp is designed as a dual light source according to the requirements of the new national standard. Under normal circumstances, the main light source is used, and the lighting time is greater than 16 hours. In special cases, the auxiliary light source can be used continuously for more than 100 hours, greatly improving the response to emergencies. ability.

5, small size and light weight

KL type miner's lamp has a battery box volume of only 66 (length) x 32 (width) x 102 (height). The total weight of the lamp is only 0.4kg. Compared to the old lead-acid miner's lamp, the volume and weight are reduced by about 70%. Reduce the labor intensity of underground workers.

6, easy to use, maintenance-free

In the process of using the KL miner's lamp, it is not necessary to add acid, add distilled water, do not need to replace the bulb, plus the small size and light weight, which greatly reduces the work intensity of the workers in the miner's lamp house.

7, a unique way to charge

In the design of KL miner's lamp, we deeply understand and analyze the market demand. According to the current status of coal mines mainly using lead-acid miner's lamp, a highly integrated charging control system is set inside the lamp head, making it possible to fully fit the old lead-acid lamp charging rack. Charging does not require any changes, thereby saving a lot of equipment renewal funds for the use of units, and at the same time reducing the skill requirements for miner's lamphouse employees. Most miner's lamp factories that produce similar products require the user to recharge the lead-acid lamp charging rack at a cost of 35-60 yuan per lamp, and then they can use their miner's lamp normally.

8. More mine protection measures

In order to effectively extend the service life of the mine cable, in addition to installing cable protection sleeves on the battery box, the mine cable protection sleeve is additionally added at the lamp end to ensure that the mine cable is broken at the joint. The possibility; Another change in the connection of the cable, making the cable connection more convenient, more solid and reliable, in the cable pull test, add 150 Newtons of force on both sides of the lamp and battery box for 10 seconds, are not Cable disconnection, disconnection, and connector loosening can occur.

9, other advantages

KL miner's lamp also showed great advantages in other aspects;

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