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Future Tech ,miner lamp ,mining safety cap lamp ,manufacturer from China

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The Future Tech series of CE miner cap lamps has been the established market leader in personal safety mining lamps for many years. Combined with a range of conventional and micro-processor chargers, Future Tech lamps represent the ultimate in high-performance personal lighting, combined with the lowest-cost-in-life ownership of a miner’s headlamp.

Conventional lead-acid batteries for lamps have been replaced by other technologies and Future Tech was one of the pioneers in delivering lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries for the miner’s lamp, certified to CE, safety standards, and available in 4.4Ah and 12.8Ah capacities.

LED lighting technology for underground mining applications

The classic Safety mining cap lamp has also benefitted from technological advances and Future Tech continues to lead the way with bright and well-focused LED lighting technology for use in underground mining applications.

Sold through a worldwide network of established and fully supported agents and distributors, Future Tech has sold more lamps, to more mines, in more countries than any other safety lamp manufacturer.Like South America, Central America, Asia and Europe

Many of the lamp variations are also supplied (with special adaptation) for outdoor use, and as such, many of the safety headlamps carry specialised SOS emergency manufactured by Future Tech.

Cap lamps / outdoor headlamp / safety lamps for the mining industry

At the heart of the Future Tech range of miner’s cap lamps is the Cree light beads, which provides a  main bulb that delivers 1000 lumens across a 3° focal angle at 1m, One of the key features of the Cree lamp is that every component can be repaired and replaced, making it one of the lowest total-cost-of-ownership lamps available on the market today.

With developments in lighting technology, Future Tech continued its miner cap lamp innovation; creating the world’s most advanced, focused LED-powered cap lamp, which combines superior lighting performance with longer operating autonomy and a virtually ‘sealed for life’ design. Fitted with a genuine 3W LED, the light from this source is focused to give a spot of 1,000 lumens at 1m

Lithium-ion battery technology for mining lighting

Future Tech was also one of the leading innovators of the ultra lightweight lithium-ion (li-ion) battery technology. The li-ion battery weighs just 300g and has a working capacity of 12.8Ah to provide high-performance lighting for a full 15-hour operational shift. With a dual internal charge control circuit, the battery has higher levels of operational safety during charge and discharge than any other battery offered in the market today. The battery shares much of the safety feature design, and with 8.8Ah battery capacity is well-suited to mines operating 10-12 hour working shifts.

Between all of the battery and lamp options, intermodality has been deliberately designed into the Future Tech range so that lamp head and batteries from each technology are compatible with each other, as well as with legacy Future Tech products that may still remain in the lampspace.

This means that different battery and lamp body technologies are interchangeable with each other, enabling easier adoption and lower cost of transfer between technologies. Lamps with cross-compatible batteries .

High-quality personal safety lamps

For almost 10 years the Future Tech name has been synonymous with high-quality and innovative mine lighting. The Future Tech range of personal safety lamps (recognised generically as miners’ cap lamps) has been customised to meet the requirements of coal mines ,copper mine ,silver mine and gold min e

This robust, reliable, safe product is also used industrially by fire brigades, railways, gas and oil utilities,

 With lithium-ion battery packs available in either 5.5Ah or 12.8Ah capacities, certified to CE  safety standards, coupled with Cree LED light beads, the Future Tech range of safety lamps provides the brightest, best focused, easily maintained and totally safe choice of personal safety lamps available today.

Every single miner lamp component is available in a repair kit, meaning that bulbs, switches, cables, fuses, lens glass, reflectors, bezel rings, charging contacts and lock barrels can be replaced when necessary, making the miner cap lamp one of the longest-lasting and most cost-effective miner cap lamps available anywhere in the world.


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