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  • Apr
    How to buy LED miner's lamp products

    At present, the LED miner's lamp is a mixed bag, and the LED indicator lamp is recommended as the technical indicator:1 IntroductionKL-type LED cold light source safe miner's lamp is based on lithium iron phosphate battery pack as power supply, positive and auxiliary double LED as cold light source,

  • Mar
    KLW, KJW type methane alarm miner's lamp

    Methane alarm miner's lamp designed and developed by Future Tech LTD , Appliance includes two series of KLW lithium-ion methane alarm miner's lamp and KJW-type nickel-hydrogen-methane methane alarm miner's lamp. It integrates the gas detection alarm device and the miner's lamp and adopts advanced e

  • Mar
    The use and maintenance about Miner's lamp

    First, the use of products, methods of operation1 normal use methodPress the lamp switch, turn on or off the LED main, auxiliary light source. Under special circumstances, the optional LED auxiliary light source,This light source current can extend the lighting time.2 charging method2.1 This product

  • Jan
    Future Tech ,miner lamp ,mining safety cap lamp ,manufacturer from China

    The Future Tech series of CE miner cap lamps has been the established market leader in personal safety mining lamps for many years. Combined with a range of conventional and micro-processor chargers, Future Tech lamps represent the ultimate in high-performance personal lighting, combined with the lo

  • Jan
    Current Status and Development Trend of COB Packaging

    With the gradual maturity of the LED application market, users are more and more demanding on the stability and reliability of the products. Especially under the same conditions, the products are required to achieve better energy efficiency index, lower power consumption, and more competition Force

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